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Worker’s Disability Compensation in Michigan

michigan workers disability compensation act

Since the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act was approved, worker’s compensation insurance is necessary for every business with one or more employees. There are always chances of work-related injuries — in 2019, Michigan had an incident rate of 2.8 for every 100 workers. A business should prove it can provide benefits to be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers Disability Compensation Laws for Employers

If your business has employees that have worked for at least 35 hours per week for 13 weeks or more during the past year, then you must have workers disability compensation insurance. This law applies to households with domestic employees, private businesses, agricultural employers, and public employers.

Additionally, every private business that regularly employs at least three individuals needs to provide workers disability benefits.

Workers Disability Compensation Laws for Employees

Full-time employees of the above businesses are entitled to benefits if they work for any of them. However, your claim must meet some criteria dictated in the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act. To ascertain if you qualify, consult with a worker’s comp attorney.

If you are self-employed, meaning you are the sole proprietor of a business entity, you do not need workers’ disability compensation insurance.

What Benefits Does Workers Comp Offer?

Benefits are only for employees who get work-related injuries or occupational illnesses. You can also get disability benefits if you can’t work during your recovery period (a year or longer). With a team of competent Michigan workers comp lawyers, you can get benefits like:

  • Emergency treatment medical care: You are entitled to immediate care if you get injured at work
  • Physical rehabilitation medical care: You will be entitled to outpatient therapy programs after your initial inpatient treatment ends. Therapies offered include physical and occupational therapies, speech-language pathology sessions, and pain management practices
  • Wage benefits for disability
  • Death benefits for deadly injuries
  • Vocational compensation and rehabilitation
  • Specific loss benefits

Do You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Yes, you do! Every employer or employee needs to hire a workers comp attorney immediately after a work-related injury or condition occurs. The employee may not see eye to eye with the insurance company/employer. In such cases, Michigan workers comp lawyers are always ready to help you settle or argue your case.

Some technicalities of the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act may be overlooked when you file for benefits. For example, the insurance company may pay wage loss benefits at a lower rate than you deserve. They may use faulty tax filing status, overtime, tips, and premium pay. An attorney will calculate your wage loss benefits rate by obtaining all your wage records.

Another scenario where an attorney is beneficial is when the insurance disputes your claim or denies that the injury happened at work. Some companies also push injured employees to visit doctors that will favor the insurance company.

As per the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act, you are entitled to medical care benefits. Find a good doctor by getting a recommendation or asking your attorney. Since they specialize in this field, they have references to reliable doctors.

Kalamazoo Disability Law Group

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