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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for SSD

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Pursuing Social Security Disability is a hectic process. If you are not careful, you may come out disappointed and stressed. When you cannot work and earn as much as you used to, SSD helps you stay afloat. Therefore, you should regard filing for SSD as a serious matter. Pursuing SSD means there is a high chance you won’t report to work for a year or more.

Any mistake done during the filing process can result in missing benefits or having your SSD claim denied. Hiring an SSD laywer means you will have much-needed legal guidance to avoid pitfalls. When looking for a Social Security Disability lawyer in Kalamazoo, MI, stay clear of the following mistakes.

1. Filing Without Legal Help

The worst slip-up you can have after a disability is ignoring the need for an attorney. It is not a necessity for you to hire one, but it is definitely recommended. SSD laywers come in handy during every step to receiving your benefits.

If you lack a legal background and have no SSDI knowledge, your claim will probably be denied. An attorney will guarantee that your claim is per SSA criteria, prepare your case, and help you get maximum benefits given your disability.

2. A Flawed Medical Record

One major factor that qualifies you for benefits is proof of your disability. Your medical records indicate that your condition is a disability as per the federal and state requirements. Thus, they should be from an accredited doctor.

You should also be able to prove that your disability prevents you from reporting to work. Your SSD lawyer should start working with your physician as soon as you fall ill. They will fill an RFC form that will help when filing a claim.

3. Missing Deadlines

It is difficult to successfully pursue SSD when you keep missing deadlines and missing appointments. When you delay filing your claim and submitting forms, you may lose some or all benefits.

The goal is to always action your tasks as soon as possible. Your SSD laywer will also keep you on track. Lacking to follow up on your doctor’s appointments can also make you lose your SSDI.

4. Procrastinating to Appeal a Denial of Claim

Having your SSD claim denied does not have to be the end of your fight to get disability benefits. After denial, your Social Security Disability lawyer will help you appeal a denied claim.

You have up to sixty days to appeal, and if it is denied again, you can still appeal for your benefits.

5. Working During Your Case

While it is not illegal to report to work as you await approval of your claim, doing so only shows your ability to work. Your employer or insurance provider may argue that you are healthy enough to keep working.

It is painful to miss out on SSD benefits simply because you were ignorant or decided to do it all alone. These mistakes are only a fraction of what you need to avoid. To ensure you are on the safe side, hire expert Kalamazoo social security attorneys. Contact Goidosik Morse Disability Law Group today and get your disability benefits.