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When Should You Call a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

social security disability lawyer

Trusting an attorney to prepare your social security case is the right decision. But before choosing a social security disability lawyer, you must understand the costs and procedures. The best time to seek legal help is when you get an injury or illness that interferes with your work. Even if you are unsure of eligibility, it is still important to have an attorney on your side.

So, when is it time to contact Kalamazoo social security attorneys? A disability lawyer can move your case if your financial situation is wanting and you have a critical illness. They can also help you pursue SSD without attending a hearing.

To Check if You Qualify for SSD

When you fall sick, it is hard for you to determine if you qualify for benefits. The SSA uses a Blue Book that has all the disabilities recognized by the SSA. A lawyer will check through the Blue Book to see if your disability is listed.

There are more than 37 million people in the U.S suffering from dire disabilities. As a result, the SSA only gives benefits to those that severely need them. For this reason, it is only wise that you receive legal counsel from an attorney that specializes in SSDI/SSD. Your SSD lawyer will evaluate your application and advise on the matter.

To Appeal a Denied Claim

Having your claim denied is heartbreaking. Fortunately, you can escape any mistakes by using a social security lawyer to appeal. You have sixty days to get an attorney to help with your case.

Typically, there are four stages to an appeal. First, there is reconsideration. Then, you have to attend a hearing by an administrative judge. The third step is a review by the Appeals Council, and finally, a Federal Court review. Your social security disability lawyer knows where to start and how to get the appeal approved.

To Assist With an Initial Application

You may realize halfway through filing a claim that you do not have the expertise to see the whole process through. When applying for SSD gets stressful, a social security lawyer will pick up from where you left off and handle all documentation necessary. This will fast-track your claim.

A lawyer will also update the SSA with your medical records. The records will be continuous proof of your disability, giving the SSA more reason to approve your disability claim.

To Get Representation in an SSD Hearing

An SSD hearing is an informal procedure that involves an administrative judge. It usually occurs during an appeal. In such cases, it is vital to have an attorney present. The reason being, the judge will ask critical questions before overruling their initial decision.

If you cannot argue your case, your appeal will be denied. In addition, a lawyer has the legal training to handle the case with proficiency.

To Seek SSD Without a Hearing

If you are too sick to attend a hearing, the SSA will still consider your claim. The agency will only be open to getting medical evidence of your disability. An attorney can get these records and present the proof at the local office or online.

How Do You Know When Hiring a Lawyer Is Necessary?

A social security disability lawyer has the skills and experience to handle cases successfully. They understand how the system works and shows empathy to those who need their help most. The welfare of clients matters to them because they know what could happen to benefits when claims are mishandled.

Your lawyer will give you the best advice, and if there is anything that does not make sense, they will explain it to you in simple terms. They will never let any details slip through the cracks, making worrying unnecessary. Above all, a good lawyer will handle your case with diligence. Thus, when you are unsure about filing a claim, do not hesitate to consult with a social security disability lawyer. Contact Goidosik Morse Disability Law Group today and pursue your SSD claim! Our social security attorneys are familiar with the Michigan Workers Disability Act and know what slip-ups to avoid.