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Voting Rights for People With Disabilities

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Voting is a hectic process for everyone, but especially for those with disabilities and language barriers. There are disability law groups and attorneys that strive to help disability communities. Also, some laws give the voters privacy (if possible) and equip polling stations for people with disabilities. Voter accessibility laws are important as they ensure these communities can vote without hitches.

Disability Law Groups are essential in protecting the rights of people with disabilities. These rights vary from social security claims, worker’s compensation, and voting rights. Before hiring a disability lawyer, it is advisable to know your voting rights to avoid discrimination.

Federal Laws

1. The Americans With Disability Act

The ADA states that public entities — states and local governments — provide people with disabilities with an equal and full opportunity to vote. These protection rights are similar to those of sex, religion, race, age, and nationality.

These laws apply from as early as the voter registration process to Election Day. A disability law group will have proficient attorneys to consult whenever you are unsure about your rights.

2. The Help America Vote Act

The HAVA Act dictates that every polling place should have at least one station for people with disabilities. The law also ensures the jurisdiction in charge of federal elections makes voting participation and accessibility straightforward.

3. The Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

The VAEHA Act protects the rights of elderly and handicapped people by dictating that every polling place is accessible. If an accessible location lacks, the voters must be provided with another option on Election Day.

4. The Voting Rights Act

The VRA helps blind people or anyone with a disability that makes voting difficult to have assistance. Therefore, you can ask anyone to help you on Election Day other than:

  • Your employer
  • Your employer’s agent
  • An agent of your worker’s union
  • An officer
  • An election candidate whose name is on the ballot

Voting Locations Requirements for People With Disabilities

A lot of facilities are converted to polling stations before Election Day. There are many polling places in each state, of which each must be accessible and accommodating for people with disabilities, handicapped, and the elderly. Whenever you feel your rights are suppressed, it is best to get in touch with a disability law group.

Every polling location must have accessible parking, route to the entrance, route to the voting place, voting machines, and accommodating procedures. In short, the voting locations should be straightforward to get in and out of for people with disabilities. Whenever you are in doubt about your voting accommodations, a lawyer will come in handy. Most states allow for curbside voting for those with mobility complications.

Kalamazoo Social Security Attorneys for People With Disabilities

Your disability benefits were denied. The government said you are disabled, but you can’t make ends meet and the bills aren’t getting paid. You have nowhere else to go, so you call us. It is our job to help educate the Social Security Administration about how someone with your condition is impacted by their decision. We will show them how wrong they are and get your money reinstated.

Not every disability is the same, but voting rights for these communities are. Are you looking for attorneys that will prepare your case, attend hearings, and help you win benefits? Put your trust in an accredited social security disability lawyer. Call Goidosik Morse Disability Law Group today and meet our attorneys.