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Things You Need to Know About Social Security Disability

If you get injured, and you can’t work as a result, you will want to look into whether or not you can qualify for social security disability. This is a net program that offers insurance to workers without them paying premiums. Instead, according to Social Security disability law, it is available to workers who pay…

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Voting Rights for People With Disabilities

Voting is a hectic process for everyone, but especially for those with disabilities and language barriers. There are disability law groups and attorneys that strive to help disability communities. Also, some laws give the voters privacy (if possible) and equip polling stations for people with disabilities. Voter accessibility laws are important as they ensure these…

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When Should You Call a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Trusting an attorney to prepare your social security case is the right decision. But before choosing a social security disability lawyer, you must understand the costs and procedures. The best time to seek legal help is when you get an injury or illness that interferes with your work. Even if you are unsure of eligibility,…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for SSD

Pursuing Social Security Disability is a hectic process. If you are not careful, you may come out disappointed and stressed. When you cannot work and earn as much as you used to, SSD helps you stay afloat. Therefore, you should regard filing for SSD as a serious matter. Pursuing SSD means there is a high…

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Worker’s Disability Compensation in Michigan

Since the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act was approved, worker’s compensation insurance is necessary for every business with one or more employees. There are always chances of work-related injuries — in 2019, Michigan had an incident rate of 2.8 for every 100 workers. A business should prove it can provide benefits to be eligible for…

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