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Understanding Workers’ Rights When Filing for Compensation

workers rights

You have every reason to worry about the injury that you sustained while at work. You may be out of work, in excruciating pain, and with the medical bills rising daily. Understanding your workers rights can enable you to fight for fair compensation for injuries sustained.

Employers in every state are required to provide safe and healthy working environments for their staff. Additionally, they have to take out worker’s compensation insurance. Between 2016 and 2018, the percentage of private-sector employers paying worker’s compensation premiums fell from 78% to 72%. However, subscription rates for these years remained at the highest levels since 1993. Sadly, employees may still sustain serious injuries even when every measure is undertaken to make the workplace safe.

If Injured on the Job, How Can You Protect Your Workers’ Rights?

Workers’ compensation laws vary in every state. You may need to research more or hire a workers’ comp attorney to help you understand your workers rights and legal procedures established to protect them. Generally, there are several workers’ rights that are common across most states:

  • The right to file a compensation claim for injuries sustained
  • The right to see a doctor and seek further medical treatment
  • You have a right to legal representation through a workers’ compensation lawyer throughout the process
  • The right to return to your workplace after getting clearance from a licensed physician
  • If you disagree with your employer or the insurer about the compensation claim, you have the right to appeal the decision

Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers to Learn More About Your Workers’ Rights

Workers’ compensation laws can be quite complex. It can be confusing and intimidating to try to wiggle through the legal system alone. Here are four reasons why you should consider hiring a workers’ comp attorney.

1. Review Your Claim

Part of understanding your workers rights is to seek legal advice on the circumstances surrounding your case and the amount of compensation that you deserve. While you may have a long-standing work record or colleagues that witnessed the accident, your employer or insurance company may reject your claim. Besides, most states have a statute of limitations within which an injured worker should have filed their claim. A worker’s compensation lawyer can assess the specifics regarding your case and inform you of the legal paths that you may choose to pursue.

2. Negotiate for a Fair Compensation With the Insurance Company

You may be facing a battery of lawyers who have handled hundreds of similar cases before representing the insurance company. A workers comp attorney in Michigan may have relevant experience in negotiating fair compensation for injuries sustained. You can rely on the lawyer’s negotiation skills and knowledge of workers’ compensation laws in Michigan.

3. Represent You in Workers’ Compensation Court

The dispute with the employer or insurance company may end up before a judge or jury. Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure that you have adequate representation in court. The attorneys can help prepare your case, file court documents, and argue on your behalf in court.

Workers’ rights enshrined in Workers’ comp laws can be complex to navigate alone. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney may increase your odds of a favorable outcome. If you have sustained injuries at your workplace in Michigan and require legal assistance, reach out to Goidosik Morse Disability Law Group.