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Important Factors When Filing a Workers Comp Claim

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Workplace accidents are unfortunate and have only increased in recent years. Over the last five years, the workers’ compensation insurance industry grew in the United States by 0.8%.

When it comes time to start the workers’ compensation claim filing process, many discover just how intimidating the process is. At Goidosik Morse Disability Law Group, our workers comp attorneys want to make this process easier for you, so we put together a list of essential things that you should remember to help make things a bit easier.

Report the Injury in a Timely Fashion

Always report the injury to your employer in a timely fashion and keep all related documentation. Some states have limits that forbid filing a claim after specific periods, and you don’t want this time to pass.

Many people don’t bother notifying an employer when they feel the damage is not necessarily severe. Not reporting the injury is always a mistake as symptoms of more significant and underlying injuries don’t necessarily manifest until later on.

Keep Records and Receipts From Medical Appointments

Use a notebook or phone and keep all related papers you receive from your work in one location. Later you’ll need these to answer specific pieces of information on the forms.

Always Document Communications

When notifying your employer about the issue or speaking to them about the case, always get something in writing confirming the date of your communication, who you talked with, and the matters you discussed. If this isn’t possible, work with your employer by mail and make sure you use certified mail with a return receipt to prove your communications were received.

Don’t Sign Anything Without Legal Counsel

Signing things at the wrong time with the incorrect verbiage can allow workers’ compensation insurance to deny you certain things. It’s best never to sign anything until you’ve had a lawyer look at the documents. Knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys can help you sort through the complications. They can help you fill out the paperwork so that workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t take advantage of technicalities made by an innocent mistake on your part.

Contact Your Trusted Michigan Workers’ Comp Attorneys

The law entitles you to certain benefits, and we can help you sort through the layers of paperwork involved in filing for your workers’ compensation claim. We never want to see anyone in our Michigan communities left out of the loop or denied benefits to which they’re entitled. Let us help you. Contact us today for an appointment!