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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Social Security Disability Lawyers

social security disability lawyers

Disability applicants applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims often realize how complex the legal framework is. Many factors may affect the success of your application, chief among them being your medical evidence. Social Security disability lawyers can help you develop the evidence required for approval.

Sadly, statistics from the Social Security Administration show that approximately 72% of all SSD claims are denied on the initial application, and applicants awarded after reconsideration made up 3%. Over 50% of SSD claims denied are due to poor quality of evidence or technicality, which can be avoided by hiring social security disability lawyers.

Finding an experienced SSD attorney to guide you through the claims process can increase your odds of a favorable outcome. Here are five questions that you need to ask as you interview the different Social Security Disability lawyers in Michigan.

1. How Long Have You Practiced Social Security Disability Law?

Social Security disability law can be complex. You may need to find an attorney with a demonstrated experience in SSD or SSI matters. A seasoned lawyer can help you navigate the intricacies of the claim filing process, reducing the risk of a rejected claim. The initial consultation can help you assess the knowledge of the attorney on SSDI claims and appealing denials.

2. Are You the SSD Attorney That Will Handle My Case?

You may need to ensure that the Social Security disability lawyer that you pick will be the one to take you through the claim filing process and represent you in court if denied. Since social security hearings are administrative, a law firm may send a “representative” that doesn’t have to be a lawyer but gets paid the same as an attorney. Inquire if the SSD lawyer will handle your case or if it will be pushed to a paralegal or junior attorney. Use the consultation to assess the law firm’s caseload.

3. Will There Be an Appeal If the Claim Is Denied?

Your claim may be denied for a variety of reasons, including mistakes in the filed documents. Some attorneys may represent you till an Administrative Law judge rejects the claim, letting you know that you can appeal, but the firm cannot represent you. You may then have the burden of finding a new SSD attorney and file an appeal within 60 days. Inquire if the social security disability lawyers will still represent you after the denial.

4. What’s Your Fee Structure?

Before deciding to settle with a specific attorney, you may need to find out the different legal costs involved. Most social security disability lawyers charge on a contingency basis. Inquire about the percentage points. Additionally, you may need to ask about the miscellaneous costs and who has to cater for them.

5. Are There Potential Problems That You See in My Claim?

Social security disability lawyers can utilize their experience to provide a preliminary assessment of your claim. While no attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, the SSD lawyer can utilize their experience to point out the strengths and weaknesses in your application.

Hiring social security disability lawyers can increase your odds of a successful claim. Asking these five questions provides you with an opportunity to find out if the lawyer is the right fit. To schedule a consultation with Goidosik Morse, give us a call today. You can also call us to learn more about workers rights or to hire a workers compensation lawyer.